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How to apply fake freckles with self tanner?Updated 6 months ago

Self tanner for fake freckles you say?

You'll need:

  • Clean eyebrow spoolie or clean stippling makeup brush
  • Luna Bronze Tanning Mousse of your choice (Eclipse or Total Eclipse)


  1. Pump one squirt of your favourite Luna Bronze Tanning Mousse into its cap.
  2. Dip your eyebrow spoolie or stippling brush into the tan.
  3. Lightly dap or roll over the points of the face that would usually be sun-kissed by the end e.g. cheeks, nose, and forehead.
  4. Allow the tan to develop over 1-4 hours and then rinse with warm water and pat dry the face.

And voila!

Notice the glowing difference of your faux freckles with a self tanner look.


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