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We've rounded up the top burning questions our Lunaverse want to know and answered them here for you.


Which Product Is Right For Me?

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Will the tan come off onto sheets/clothing/towels?

Wondering if our tans will come off? 🤔

Are your products non-comedogenic?

Wondering if our products are non-comedogenic? 🤔

Do your products work for sensitive skin?

Wondering if our products work for sensitive skin? 🤔

Do your products contain a fragrance?

Wondering if our products have a fragrance? 🤔

Are your products pregnancy/breastfeeding safe?

Wondering if our products are pregnancy/breastfeeding safe? 🤔

How will the tans work if I have sunspots or pigmentation?

Wondering how our tans will work on sunspots and pigmentation? 🤔

Can you go swimming with fake tan on?

Wondering if you can swim with our tans on? 🤔

Do Luna Bronze products protect you from the sun?

Wondering if our self-tans protect you from the sun? 🤔

Do your products contain gluten?

Wondering if our products contain any gluten? 🤔

Can I use hair removal cream with self tanner?

We do not recommend using hair removal cream before applying self tanner, as it can cause the self tan to not adhere properly to the skin and can result in uneven or patchy colour. Additionally, the chemicals in hair removal cream can irritate the sk

Does fake tan work for people with vitiligo?

Some self tanning products work for people with vitiligo, but they may not be effective for everyone. We recommend our Total Eclipse Tanning Mousse as it has the highest percentage of tanning active (DHA) and it may provide better coverage for lighte

Where are Luna Bronze products made?

Wondering where our products are made? 🤔